Hey, I'm Harriet Charlotte and I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1991. In my early childhood I moved several times, so until I was ten I lived in Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and Copenhagen. My first real, permanent home was Hamburg, to which I have remained (almost) always loyal to this day. I only moved from the Hanseatic city twice: 2012 to Dronten (Netherlands) and 2018 to Denmark, on the Schou family's "Absolute Horses" facility in Sommersted.


My everyday life is enriched by five horses, two of which I have bred myself, my dog ​​Sheldon and, last but not least, my husband and daughter, with whom I spend as much time as possible. The fact that I have surprised so many horses by now, sometimes still myself, because I don't originally come from a riding family. Nevertheless, horses have exerted an enormous fascination on me since day one, so that I have not only made them my professional focus, but they also play an immense role, especially in my private life.


I have been working with and in social media since December 2012, starting with my personal horse blog, on which I reported about my everyday life in the horse world. In 2017, the HCJ Magazine followed, which was initially only published on YouTube. In January 2018 I expanded the offer to include HCJ Media, a consulting agency for social media, PR and online marketing. In the meantime I have realized several equestrian projects with HCJ Media, built up the social media presence of studs and companies, and supervised events on a digital level, including the moderation of expert panels.


In 2018 my work was awarded second place in the “Silver Horse” media prize.


My social media pages paused for almost a year at the end of 2019 because I wanted to position myself in a new and different way. This is how the idea arose of combining my own horse blog with HCJ Magazine and thus giving personal insights into the world of equestrian sports and horse breeding.

Do you want to know more? Find out more about my horses here or head over to my FAQ!