Image by Max Böttinger

Hey, I'm Harriet Charlotte and through my blog I show you my everyday life in the horse world. My life is enriched by five horses, two of which I've bred myself. The fact that I now have so many horses sometimes still surprises me, as I don't originally come from a riding family. Nevertheless, horses have exerted an enormous fascination on me since day one, so that I have not only made them my professional focus, but they also and above all play an immense role in my private life.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions - if your question isn't there, just write to me! I might then add your question to the FAQ folder, if a few people share the same interest in a topic.


What is your job?

Social media is my main job, but it's difficult to sum up my job with just one word. Since 2012 I have my own social media pages and my blog, over time it has become an online magazine in equestrian sports, I have advised national and international companies, studs and sales and trading stables with regard to their social media presence and online marketing and I worked as Head of Strategy and Head of Marketing in two companies. In a nutshell: I do something with media. However, I cannot identify with the term "influencer".


Who is taking your pictures and videos?

It really depends on what is to be photographed or filmed. I do a lot myself and there are a few really lovely people who assist me in the stable, but a lot is also taken by professional photographers. For high-quality films, I work with a professional film team. However, I shoot almost all of my vlogs myself - mainly with my iPhone!


How old are your horses?

I have summarized all information about my horses on a separate page - you can read everything about them here!


How long have you been riding?

I sat on an horse for the first time when I was almost four years old - back then we lived in Argentina and the horse was a polo pony. When I was six I was allowed to go to pony camp during my summer holidays, when I was nine I went to a riding school once a week and when I was ten I got my first horse from my parents.


Which performance classes do you have?

S5, D5 and V5.


What was your highest ranking at a show?

I am placed up to 1.20 in jumping and L-dressage.


What dream would you like to fulfill with your horses?

With every horse I have a few more goals related to competitions - however, I work towards these with pleasure and try not to be negatively influenced by hurdles on the way there. Otherwise I honestly don't have any dreams, because I'm actually very happy and for me it is a dream come true that I can have so many horses in my life at all. Cheesy, but that's the truth!