Der Rolex Grand Slam Of Show Jumping

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The Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping marked a new era in top international jumping. Since then, the world's elite of show jumping has been chasing what is probably the most difficult trophy in all of the equestrian sport. The tournament is divided into four majors, which are divided into four international locations: Aachen, Geneva, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Spruce Meadows.

The idea behind the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is to combine prestigious horse shows with a series. In addition to the above-average conditions for horses and riders, the major-locations score points with outstandingly prize money. The four Rolex Grand Prix alone are endowed with a total of five million euros, and an attractive bonus system motivates riders to be at the forefront. Of course, it is not just the prize money that makes this tournament series so successful. In addition, the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping has an exorbitantly high media presence, the competition infrastructure is second to none, plus the fact that it is now a traditional event and can fall back on a high audience. The cherry on the cake is the promotion of young talents, because two young riders are invited to each of the four locations so that they can gain experience at the highest level on the top-class tournament grounds. The ingenious system behind the tournament series reads quite simple at first: If three tournaments are won in a row, the winner receives one million euros in addition to the prize money. If the rider wins a fourth major in a row, he or she will receive another million euros as a bonus. If two out of four tournaments are won, the winner also receives a bonus: if the majors are won one after the other, a bonus of EUR 500,000 is available, if two majors are won within a series, but not one after the other, a bonus of EUR 250,000 is available. There is no end point, because the major series is completely separated from the calendar year. With this, Rolex has created an endless story. As simple as the system sounds, it is just as complicated to be victorious in this series, because the classes are held at the highest level.

Scott Brash: the only winner of the Rolex Grand Prix of Show Jumping

So far, only one rider has been able to win the Rolex Grand Slam: Scott Brash. He secured three major wins (2014 and 2015). The current title contenders are Max Kühner, Steve Guerdat and Martin Fuchs. Scott Brash will also try it again this year!

In addition to the traditional series, the Rolex Grand Slam trophy also has a lot of history, because it was created by the London jeweler Garrard, who is the court jeweler of the British royal family. The cup is 45 centimeters high and weighs just under two kilograms.