Grooming Routine for Horses

This article is in collaboration with Sectolin.

Die tägliche Pferdepflege ist unerlässlich, um das Pferd gesund zu halten und die Bindung zu stärken. Foto: Franziska Sack

The health of my horses is my top priority. In addition to adapted feeding, plenty of time outside in the field or the paddock, targeted training and regular visits to the blacksmith and veterinarian, everyday care is also a huge part of it.

The benefits of horse care

In addition to the simple fact that properly groomed horses look better cared for, intensive horse care also has other advantages. The blood circulation is stimulated while brushing the fur and massaging the skin. In addition, with daily grooming you will notice injuries or changes to the horse much faster, so that you can react quicker if something's about to go wrong. As a plus to the physical benefit, there is also a psychological one, because grooming strengthens the bond between horse and human.

It is really important to not only take your time while riding your horse, but also to plan enough time for grooming and caring for your horse - this will also benefit your time in the saddle, since you and your horse have the possibility to get to know each other on a whole different level.

My Top 5 Grooming Products

Coat Cleaner Sectolin
The Sectolin Coat Cleaner helps me to keep my white horses and the white markings of my other horses clean even without washing them. Photo: Franziska Sack

1 - Dra Shampoo

Especially with white horses or horses with white markings one could despair now and then. Especially now when the temperatures are dropping and you can't just wash the horses on a daily basis. As an alternative to dry shampoo, there are also grooming blocks, that help you to quickly and easily remove dead skin and old hair, but I don't use them too much because I would be afraid that the skin would be hurt with daily use.

2 - Towels

You can (almost) never have enough towels. I use them for everything: cleaning the face, drying the fetlocks after washing - there are plenty possibilities to use them!

3 - Elastics

Indispensable for me when it comes to the care of my horses' tails! At least once a week my horses have a braided tail, because after washing I spray it directly with detangler, braid it and do not open it again until the following day. I only wash the lengths, not the roots, so as not to constantly expose the horse's skin to shampoo and damage the skin.

4 - Only a few brushes

When it comes to my brush selection, I tend to be a minimalist. I used to have many different brushes, but honestly I haven't ever used all of them. That's why I radically sorted out and am currently working with three brushes that I use in everyday life: a harder one, a softer one and a mane brush!

Hoof Balm Sectolin Harriet Jensen
The Hoof Balm by Sectolin is a really great invention: Inside the bottle there is hoof balm, which you can spread directly on the hooves with the brush. Photo: Franziska Sack

5 - Hoof Balm

The Sectolin hoof balm is a great invention, because the integrated brush makes it easy to apply the balm directly to the hooves. The content is very economical and can be easily dosed, which also avoids the classic residues on the stable aisle. In addition to the care for the hooves and the easy handling, the product also smells incredibly good - now indispensable for me!