Sustainability in the equestrian scene: the CHIO Aachen 2021 is paperless

On July 10, 2021, the time has come for the CHIO Aachen to open its doors to the World Equestrian Festival. This year the team behind the traditional event is setting an example for sustainability and therefore this year there will be no printed start and result lists.

Das Hauptstadion CHIO Aachen
Das Hauptstadion des CHIO Aachens / Foto: Michael Strauch

Of course, this does not mean that visitors and riders have to attend the event without the start and result lists! In order to always provide the necessary information, the CHIO Aachen offers a free app - in addition, multiple QR codes will be attached on the show grounds, which the spectators can use. These give you a live insight into the current list of starters and results. The online lists are provided with "live scoring" and therefor are always up to date and thus provide an overview of the current status of a class. In addition to the sustainable option with the app, the discontinued output of the starter lists is also a corona measure, because this creates significantly fewer contact situations between people. Especially the people giving out the lists go from one person to the next, this is now avoided. Incidentally, this does not only apply to the spectators, the press will not receive any printed lists of starters and results this year either. In this sense, this is not a major innovation for journalists, because the "CHIO Aachen Media Guide" has already been available only digitally to accredited journalists for several years. The switch to digital products will make tens of thousands of sheets of paper superfluous. On top of that, the CHIO becomes more sustainable in other parts, too: the catering and the exhibitors are obliged to refrain from using plastic and a revised concept for recycling and waste avoidance was drawn up with external experts. With this, the team from CHIO Aachen is sending a strong signal for a sustainable future - because every change, no matter how small it may seem, is a step in the right direction and the CHIO Aachen takes responsibility for the environment. In the end, many small steps and changes come together to form a big picture. One can only hope that other horse show organizers will follow suit and take an example at the World Equestrian Festival.