Welcome home - We turn the pages to open up a new chapter

We did it - we bought our dream home! The search for a suitable home got off to a slow start, nothing completely convinced us. Suddenly everything happened very quickly, a friend gave me the tip and that same afternoon we looked at the house. It really was love at first sight! Admittedly, the house is very old, it needs a lot of renovation and, above all, refurbishment - but the potential of the house to become our dream house and starting point for our entire life was clearly evident.

Alte Haustür

We had to worry a little because the house was initially reserved for someone else and so we didn't have high hopes. However, every day there was a subliminal wish that the real estate agent would get in touch and say the redeeming words "The interested party has jumped off". It wasn't until the real estate agent called that we realized how much we had subconsciously focused on this house and how many plans we had already made.

Discussions with the owners and appointments with experts followed in order to assess the project realistically. Because with such an old house with history, one thing was particularly important to us: to modernize and renovate it so that we can realize all our dreams there, but also to preserve the charm and do the house justice. Not an easy balancing act! The house will be a huge project, which will certainly give us sleepless nights and, above all, will make us question whether we made the right decision from time to time - but we agree that it will pay off for us in the end and we will have a wonderful build a home for us where our family and all our friends are always welcome.

I truly love it and can't wait for the journey to start. Only a few weeks left and we will finally start this amazing adventure.